Black House Jakarta

One place with seven concepts ? well that's probably new in Jakarta-! Located near Senopati, you can enjoy several environment in one place. Depend on your mood, You can choose to be sited on The Vibrant Pink Color with lots of Sweets in Candy Room, or the Music Room that provide you a cozy hang out place with unique furniture on it.

Front view of black house restaurant were all black (well that's why the name was Black House), with a detailed black tuxedo for its door. In the first floor there were two concepts of the room - Library , Wine Area and Boutique. I like the ambiance of the Boutique. It feels like coffee lounge with a dim of yellow light. It feels like fashion with the mannequin as a decoration. These area were designed with a modern touch.

Second Floor were Candy Room and Flower Room. Fariz said the candy room was picturing my personality, while myself think im more suitable in the Flower Room. But we decided to eat in the Candy Room. I love the cupcake decoration (That im holding in the picture) and the tools to make cotton candy, cute ! In the Flower Room you'll find more pastel colors. Felt like you were in your garden and enjoy the scenery the blooming flowers.

Its very feminine in the second floor, well its going to be different in the third floor ! There were Music Area, bigger than the other room. Decorated with vintage cassettes and records. Dominated with the color of black and red, makes you feel the rock n roll essences with a little bit jazz ambiance.

Need a refreshment with the breeze of windy air in the rooftop? Yes the fourth floor was an outdoor corner called Heaven Area. With the feel of the London City, Heaven Area uses red telephone box, bikes and a barbershop.

What about the food? Well, Blackhouse provided you some various food, from starter to desserts and drinks from coffee to mocktail. I personally think black house was fun to be the place where you and your friends relax , hang around and just talks about everything, with some crackers, snacks, dessert and drinks of course. Not the place that i would go to if i was hungry and wanted to eat some main course, just to fulfill my stomach.  But they have nice snacks like fried mushroom, recommended ! With a reasonable price to ! From IDR 25.000 - 150.000 for food, and IDR 15.000-50.000 for drinks

 With all the gorgeous rooms in the restaurant, Fariz's favorite was...................................

 The bathroom corner ! I dont know why lol, but i think its because the 'all-white' ambiance that gives you some kind of cool feeling when you were in it

Jl. Cililin Raya no.3, Tirtayasa, Jakarta Selatan, 12170


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