Paper Flowers

Need a wall decoration inspirations? Or got a lot of used papers that you didnt know what to do with? Well these are step by step how to make a paper flower. Its very simple and easy. It only uses three items : Used Paper or any kind of Paper (tissue paper, etc) , Scissor and Glue. Step by Step :

Read it from Left to Right ; Top to Bottom

  1. Main items for these paper flowers are : Any kind of paper with any size. With a different size you'll get a different result too, experiment with the size
  2. Fold it back and forth so it would be much look like a accordion. Do it until all the paper are fold.
  3. Cut the edges, so we'll get a nice flower rather a fan. and slightly cut the middle too so it will be easily fold into two.
     4.  Fold it into two
     5.  Patch it with glue (the side where my fingers are in the picture), and pull it so it would shaped
          like a circle. And glue the other side too.

Goodluck !


  1. When I tried this, my flower thing wouldn't go in a circle with out bending so it was a bit like a flower, I don't really mind, but how could I stop that?