TRYST : Eat, Drink, Chill & Shop

Best concept store ever.  When you walked in, it looks like a cozy regular restaurant. But its actually a Furniture Shop, so you can buy all the furniture in that restaurant, the chair, lamps and everything. Sure its a pre order, but because of that every month will be different theme with all different furniture. Whoever came out with the idea to make that store, oh my.. smart man. Not only the customer will eventually feel whether the chair is comfy enough and so on, they got their income from selling foods too ! Brilliant.

I suggest you to come here at noon, the natural light fit perfectly   

 Light Food

 The Furniture

 Best Pannacotta Baileys sooo far !

TRYST'S Restaurant & Gallery.
JL Kemang Utara No.17A, Jakarta 
PH: +62 21 718 33 21

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