Pipiltin Cocoa

Pipiltin Cocoa offered an interesting experience.  With experimental cakes you'll be thrilled to try every cake on the menu. When i opened the Menu, the first page of the Menu were Desserts. Well yes, their specialty is dessert. Divided by two groups, there were "Imagination" Desserts and "Inspiration" Dessert.

I ordered Feuletinne Bitter Chocolate Mousse, its a chocolate peanut butter cake with spies, creameaux, crispy. Cost IDR 50.000. And the famous Egg No : white chocolate panacotta with mango, passion fruite, chocolate, chili, soil and selasih for IDR 41.000. Whatt?? Chili? yes and they combined well-balanced.

Pipiltin Cocoa made their chocolate from scratch. By growing their own cocoa plants, etc. Amazing. I had amazing experience there. its like one of those Master Chef (Australia) episodes, when you got a plate of soft boiled egg, you expected to taste a flavor of egg, but you got sweet taste like dessert instead. Surprising ------ 

Feuletinne Bitter Chocolate Muse that looks like The Ocean

Egg No
The Environment
Dozen of Cakes
Their Journey
Behind Pipiltin Cocoa

Pipiltin Cocoa
Address: Jl. Barito 2 No. 5, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Time : 11.00 – 22.00 WIB

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