Gili, Indonesia

Pictures do-- really worth a thousand words, right? This tropical paradise is located at Gili, Lombok Indonesia. Only traditional transportations are allowed in Gili, but they sure have a lot of modern restaurants around the island.

Bikes, are the main transportation here. You could rent a bike and go around the whole island for about an hour. Gili has 3 islands : Trawangan, Meno, and Air. Travelling between the islands requires either catching the scheduled Island hopping boats,or chartering one to take you across. 

Breakfast from Kokomo Resort

The easiest way to get to the Gilis from Lombok airport or Senggigi is to walk to the nearest travel agent, taxi desk or tour and book a package, to take you to the harbour (approx. 2 hours from airport to the harbour). Then, take a boat directly from Senggigi, Numerous travel agents on the main street of Senggigi offer this service for  around IDR 75,000/person (shuttle car/van + boat to any of Gilis). I Stayed for 3 Nights in Kokomo Resort, usually they have a tour package that will take care of your transportation. We paid IDR 5.000.000/ person, including transportation from the airport to the harbour, charter boat,  three nights accommodation, bikes, and traditional boat for snorkelling (exc. food, other personal spends, etc)

A lot facilities to indulged your body and soul. One of the attractions of the island is the ability to do nothing, haha. You could do Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Yoga, Surfing, Boat trips or even get on the Party Boat !

Perfect spot to watch the sunset

My favourite part of this trip was the movie night on the beach ! yeah i felt like a bit going back to the past, travelling by bike, your entertainment are.. either beach, ocean, or traditional movie theatre.  it was so simple to live in Gili, unlike the metropolitan life. i felt Gili had successfully made me very relaxed and enjoy my short get away vacation.

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