Patio : Real Italia Ristorante

Patio with Huge Map of Italy

Cassata Ice Cream, consist of Three Color Ice Cream

  • A bit pricey but definitely worth it. If you like Italian food, this restaurant offer s a very Italiano taste, compare to other Italian Restaurant in the city (oh with a big portion too)
  • The Place was lovely, i went there for dinner, but would go back to try it for lunch, because the ambiance is beautiful either for nigh or day.
  • Definitely built for fine dining but you still have the feeling of being at home, because the atmosphere is not intimidating at all.
Bisteca (1.2 Kilo of Ribs!)

The Ambiance of Patio

Real Italian Restaurant : with cuisine and the culture feels like Ristorante Italia. I suggest to go here with the group of friend and order like il Popolo Italiano (the italian people). First, order  for Appetizer or Antisipati e Insalate, i order Salad and Carpaccio. After that, try Primi, its a menu consist of pasta. I am a big fan of mushroom so i order a special request Pasta with Mushroom Sauce, it was nice of them to take my special order even though they didn't  have any Mushroom Pasta in the menu. Then, my favorite part : Secondi consist of protein like fish and meat. Try the 1.2 kilos steak to share ! I also order fish to complement the meal. 

Raspberry Sorbet (IDR 49)

Patio, Wijaya

Now, lets talk about the food !

Antipasti e Insalate (Appetizers and Salads)

Caprese (IDR 169), Salad consist of Tomato, Fiore Dilatte, Fresh Basil, Parsley and Presto Balsamic Oil. The salad itself is very refreshing ,the taste of Fiore Dilatte (variants of Mozzarella) balance all the element in the Salad

Primi Dimare (Seafood Pasta)

Bavette alla Primavera (IDR 159 /  IDR 309 to Share), Pasta with Linguine, King Prawn, Garlic Confit, Anchives and wild Rucola

Primi (Non Seafood Pasta)

Custom Penne with Mushroom Sauce

Secondi Piatti (Main Course)

Chicken Cacciatore (IDR  169), A traditional Italian chicken stewed with Tomato Sauce

The Famous and Real Italian Cuisine, Bisteca alla Fiorentina (IDR 1.1550). Wood roasted bone in Beef ribes eye (1.2 Kilos!) with herbs potato wedges, Green beans, garlic and salad.

Dolci (Dessert)

Sorbet (Choice of  Lemon / Rasberry/ Mango) IDR 49

Creme Caramel (IDR 59) A custrard dessert with Caramel Toping

Dominance of Black Border Glass Window

Long Table for Large Group of Families or Friends

Jalan Wijaya 13 No. 45
Kebayoran Baru,
Sout Jakarta, Indonesia
Operating Hours : 10.00 - 23.00

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