Cloud Lounge and Living Room

 Located at 29th floor above altitude at The Plaza, Cloud Lounge is another option to spent the afternoon with the view of Jakarta City. Its actually divided by three different space. The best one is an outdoor rooftop lounge and bar, with the view of Jakarta City, but it has minimum payment about IDR 1.500.000 – IDR 2.000.000, reasonable price if you go here in a group of 10 people. But if you want to be sited in this area without have to pay the minimum payment, you can sit on the bar. The second area is inside the building  and the third area was outdoor like the first one but with least of view, because it was facing the back of another building, so you cant see the city skyline because it was blocked by another building.

So i was here at 17.30, perfect timing to enjoyed sunset. We ordered, Tapas and dessert. Stewed Wagyu beef and Foam Potato with scented Truffles, its actually very good.The beef was tender, and i love the scented truffles. But its only Tapas so you’ll get a small portion of that. And the creme brulee was good but dont have any special flavor that distinguish with another creme brulee by other restaurants.

 Stewed Wagyu Beef and Foam Potato with Scented Truffles (IDR 60), it sure taste better than it looks !

 Creme Brulee topped with pistachio nuts (IDR 60)

This place was amazing if you got the first space that i told you (the outdoor one with minimum payment). The second and the third space was fine but not that special. Overall-- its worth to try-!

Cloud Lounge and Living Room
46th Floor The Plaza,
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta
021- 299 22450
Operating Hours : 16.00 PM - 01.00 AM

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