Three Buns Senopati

 New place to enjoy burgers at Senopati, in my opinion Three Buns is the coziest bun house in Jakarta. With the unique White food truck on the gate, you'll be curious to try some of the menu. It's my second time to eat at Three Buns, the first time was on weekend, the place was sooo crowded, there are no chairs left, and you have to wait 20 minutes to order a food after you had ordered some drinks. But the second time was on Monday, and it was completely different. On weekdays, the food was fast (unlike on weekends, i have to wait for an hour and thirty minutes to eat my burger). 

 Oh how i love the ambiance of the place. It was beautifully furnished with the dominance of light wooden chairs and tables, and it had does minimalist yet modern look. Click Read More, to get more info about the place and the food-!

 Order Up ! Feel the food truck experience here at Three Buns. They have six variances of Burger, The burning man was the favorite for those people who really love spicy food.

You have to get your own food, after you have ordered and paid, you'll get a number. There would be a board consist of a variety of number hanging on the wall, and when your order is ready the number would starts blinking.  

love love love the Naughty Fries (IDR 45)-- with spiced Bearnaise, Beef chilly, Crisp Shallots and Parmesan, this fries was the bomb. Eventhough i could not eat or even like spicy food, i enjoyed the fries so much  

 I ordered Baby Huey, the prime 150g beef patty was delicious. It was IDR 95, but with a huge portion. Other option for burgers are (Four Floors : Double Prime beef Pastty for IDR 110, Rambo with  lamb patty for IDR 125, Honky Tonk with Fried Chicken for IDR 100 and The Roots for the Veggie without beef for IDR 95)

The first time i came to Three Buns was around 6 o'clock, and the second time was on 2 P.M, i enjoyed the place at noon better rather than at night. But with a such great natural lighting ambiance, this place was like any other restaurant in Jakarta, in fact i feel like i was at Gili, Lombok or Bali at that time.

Overall, i love the place although the burger was a lil bit pricey. Total bill for a person was about IDR 250.000 ( 1 Burger, 1 Fries and 1 Drink). But it taste okay with the big portion of food. And the place was also nice, so i guess it was worth it

Three Buns - Burger & Heads
Jl. Senopati Raya no. 90
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 2930  7780
Operating Hours : 11 AM - 12 PM

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