Lobbyn Kitchen and Bar, Kemang

 Located at Fave Hotel, Kemang, Lobbyn Kitchen and Bar is another option to enjoy the Jakarta Skyline.  The bar is on the poolside at the rooftop area of the hotel. The rooftop area opens at 5 PM, so this place was built to enjoy the sunset.

 Calamari (IDR 40), Small portion but i like the mayo dip a lot. 

 Beef Burger (IDR 70) ; Cooked beef patty with bun,cheese, slice of onion with lettuce and condiment. It was so-so, i expected more cheese

Chicken Lobbyn Favorite (IDR 70) ; Chicken breast with cheese and smoke beef served with mashed potato, mix vegetables and lobbyn sauce. Taste like chicken cordon bleu.

Lobbyn Kitchen and Bar
At Fave Hotel Kemang

Jl. Kemang 1 no. 6 Jakarta 11740

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