Jogjakarta has a lot destinations for a short getaway vacation. If you go to Jogjakarta, i guess it can fulfiled wheter you are a backpaker style kind of person or you seek  leisure and cozy places kind of person when you are on vacation.

Pantai Klayar, Pacitan

Goa Gong

This month i went to Jogjakarta twice, first for the adventurous itinerary holiday. It was a 3 day trip, and i was lucky to go to the places as i planed. Click Read More to see about 8 attraction on Jogjakarta ( Goa Jomblang, Goa Grubug, Gunung Purba, Pantai Klayar, Goa Gong, Air terjun Banyu Tibo, Imogiri and Gumuk Pasir

First stop, Jomblang Cave (Goa Jomblang). It was located at  Jetis Wetan, Pascarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Goa Jomblang was constructed from a geological process when the land and its vegatation vanished into the bowel of the earth thousand years ago. It was never been easy to  reach a beutiful (and not well known/not that popular) destinations. The path to Goa Jomblang was bumpy and narrow. I paid for the Caving on Goa Jomblanng Package Trip for IDR 450.000, and it was totally worth it ! (included lunch, tea, guard and the equipments)

Goa Jomblang & Goa Grubug

To enter Jomblang cave, we will go down vertically for about 60 meters with a special equipments. Well, im a bit afraid of heigh, but that wont stop me to experiencing a uniqe caving activites. It will takes for about 5 minutes to reach the bottom of Goa Jomblang. When we  arrived at Goa Jomblang, you’ll see a ancient forest, that you wont find the exact same species of vegitation like we used to see above.

Then the adventure continue by tracing the tunnel that connects Goa Jomblang with other vertical cave named Gubrug. Its about 500m to feel the eternal darkness in that tunnel. What special about Goa Gubrug is, if you arrived at 11.00- 13.00, you’ll see the view of the amazing ray of light from the sun through the eternal darkness  at the bottom of Goa Grubug. Sunlight broke into the mouth of Grubug, and on the north side of the huge stalagmites, there’s the river that flows from Kalisuci .

Gunung Purba

Satisfied with Goa Jomblang, we immediately went to Mount Purba (Gunung Purba) to enjoy sunset up on the hill. For the second day of adventure, its time to go to Pacitan. I guess this is my favorite destination on this trip. It sure worth the 8 hours motorcycle rides to reach Pacitan (Jogjakarta – Pacitan – Jogjakarta). First stop, Klayar Beach, oh my god – one word. BEAUTIFUL. 

Pantai Klayar

Then we go to Goa Gong, it was well maintained, they have clear path and man made stairs, with beautiful lights that shine the –still growing- active stalactites and stalagmites. There are soo many places that Pactitan offers, but we want to get home before it gets dark, so after Goa Gong, we went to another beach then off to Jogjakarta. If you decided to stay on Pacitan, there are so many unique caves and beautiful beaches on the list.

Exotic Goa Gong

Another destinations on the third day were Phuntuk Setumbu (to see the sunrise), Imogiri and Gumuk Pasir on Parangkurusumo. Soo, for three days itinerary, i managed to go to 9 main attraction on Jogjakarta ( Goa Jomblang, Goa Grubug, Gunung Purba, Pantai Klayar, Goa Gong, Air terjun Banyu Tibo (Pacitan – on that other beach, if forget what beach it was), Phuntuk Setumbu, Imogiri and Gumuk Pasir)


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