Jogjakarta has a lot destinations for a short getaway vacation. If you go to Jogjakarta, i guess it can fulfilled whether you are a backpacker style kind of person or you seek  leisure and cozy places kind of person when you are on vacation. Click Read More to know about Lokal Hotel, Aviation themed lounge, etc

My Room at Lokal Hotel

This month i went to Jogjakarta twice, for the second time of this month, It was a 3 day trip, and i was lucky to go to the places as i planed. I'm going to sum up all places that i went.

Lokal Hotel, How i loved this little hotel located on Jalan Jembatan Merah. Its not on the center of Jogjakarta (like Malioboro) but it was pleasure to stayed on this Hotel. For IDR 750.000, i got the biggest room, with two floor room, living room,bathroom, refrigerator on the first floor, and the big bed on the second floor. 

The Bed

For one room they offer two flat screen TVs and two air conditioners (i don't think that necessary but it was a pleasant bonus !).  But don't worry, material that they used to build this hotel, and the stuff they offer for the guest (like the towel, blanket, etc) was made by eco-friendly ingredients.

Lokal Restaurant
The Entrance of Epic Cafe

EPIC was a coffee shop with warehouse-cafe kind of style. It was cozy, but compared to other restaurant in Jogjakarta, Epic was a bit expensive (not that expensive but similar to cafes in Jakarta). The burger was delicious, and the coffee was magnificent too. Oh and they sell furniture on the back of the cafe.

Cozy Cafe Ambiance

The Furniture that they sell, this place has that warehouse ambiance feel

The food, their specialty are coffees, their chocolate mixture coffees are sure delicious

Abhayagiri located at Dusun Sumberwatu Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman- Abhayagiri feels like restaurants in Bandung with the mixture of Balinese.It was nice to watch the sunset at Abhayagiri. And they have a very large place with a wide field, and a nice swimming pool too. 


The Captain, One unique concept lounge in Jogjakarta, The Captain was a aviation themed lounge located near Lokal Hotel (near Jl. Jembatan Merah). They have the airplane’s cockpit as the stage if there were live music on that day, and real airplane’s chair for the guess to enjoy. And dont forget about the bathroom, it was designed like the real toilet on the airplane-!

Airplane look-a-like chairs

The unique entrance which suitable with the aviation-themed concept

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