Im in Love with Paris


1. Because you always tempted raise you eyes, and look up to the ceiling. And i was amazed by everything that the french people made.

2. I love how chairs in cafes are placed, they're facing the street. I can always enjoy the afternoon with a cup of tea and their petite dessert while reading a magazine and observe people passing by the street. For a bigger restaurant they usually always have a terrace that we can enjoy while eating our meal.  

3. The Festival, the main reason i went to Paris its actually because i'm in London, and Lana Del Rey was going to play at Rock en Seine with Arctic Monkeys, Laroux, etc in Domaine St Cloud, Paris. And the music festival was amazing, i love how french people were very excited when the music started and they were running towards the location of the stage while dancing. And the decorations in the festival were also well though, i love the futuristic crystals, and ufos all over the place

4. I love how enchanted the Palaces were. I left my heart at Fountainableu. Its a bit outside Paris, i think i should mention it here because you can take a day tour to go there, just like Versailles. But what makes Fountainableu more special, its because the interiors were still original, and they are not as crowded as Versailles. But i think no one can beat the garden in Versailles, so Versailles is worth to visit too, but if you have to choose one, i prefer Fountainableu.

5. Strolling around the city, especially at night. I went to all the touristy places but there's no one there, and I appreciate more the monuments and everything at night, because i could see the details (cause its so much less crowded) and how beautiful the piece of arts that Paris has.

 Even though its very crowded during the day, the sky was always incredible, i love how the photos turned out from my camera with clear blue sky and fluffy clouds. I spent 5 days in Paris and i think its the right amount to explore the city of Paris, i used the hop on and hop off bus tour for 2 days (cause its so much cheaper than the 1 day). For the rest 3 days, i went to the palaces outside Paris, like Versailles and Fountainableu. I got all the list that i want to visit for 5 days - although, i would love to go back to Paris.

Paris is always a good idea 

All of the photos were taken by me with Canon EOS-M2, Please dont forget credits if you use this pictures (not for commercial use), Thank You :-)

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